The treatment was heavenly ... a combination of body exfoliation, massage, facial and body wrap in one session. I have often gotten different types of treatments locally as well as well as in my travels. I would say this one in particular rivals a couple I had in Hawaii and the price was so much better as you can imagine. The owner is extremely nice, caring and we spoke about our mutual passion for natural and organic products and treatments which she advocates. I highly recommend that you try Absolute Wellness and their fabulous services right here in South Burlington, VT.

Dana Rachlin, Burlington VT

"Like any business, a great salon must be measured by the results achieved for its clients. This morning, when I woke up, I was amazed at how great my entire body felt. My arm, shoulder, and constant neck pain and stiffness weren't there, and I honestly felt 26 years younger! Obviously, Sarah's incredible massage, is primarily responsible for my miraculous results. But, I truly can't rule out that the supersonic machine (which I didn't want to ever stop), may have loosened everything (and my mind) sufficiently for Sarah to really work a lot stronger, and deeper, than I ever remember allowing a therapist to go. So thank you, and I can't think of any reason not to join the month to month membership. Seems like a no-brainer, especially if that supersonic machine comes with it?"

David Erlichman, Hinesburg, VT

"Thank you so much the full body massage ~ it was amazing! Everyone was so professional and friendly. My therapist was amazing~she really focused on specific needs, it felt great. I would surely recommend Absolute Wellness Healing Spa to others and will be vising again in the near future. Thanks again."

Crystal I. St. Albans, Vt

"I am so impressed by such a breathtaking escape. I have learned so much from Colleen and she truly cares about helping everyone to better themselves inside and out, an important part of a person's life that many neglect.  She pours her heart and soul into her career and has pursued something she loves, as should we all. Colleen and her team are all so wonderful and have a way with reaching and going beyond a client's needs. Thanks for everything."

Jennifer A., Burlington

"Beautiful, relaxing decor, enhanced by friendly, charming owner, Colleen. The introductory offer on massages is a great deal and I really enjoyed the deep tissue massage, which helped me recover from a tought fitness training session the day before. The advanced, high-tech fitness equipment Colleen has installed for spa members is now adding great, additional dimension to my fitness regime."

David R., South Burlington


802.863.2200 | 4050 Williston Road South Burlington

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