Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). Oxygen is king during exercise! At Absolute Wellness Healing Spa we offer SUPER EWOT.


How are we getting more oxygen by increasing the saturation level we breathe normally? A red blood cell carries no more than 97% oxygen. Many will argue that you cannot force another 3% into the cell. This is true.


However, additional oxygen is absorbed by the plasma (which carry the red and white blood cells) and is then pushed into the body's cells & deep tissues without the aid of the red cells. This is called the Law of Mass Action. Very little oxygen actually gets through, but if you are consistently feeding your body the extra oxygen, there will be an extensive increase in your total tissue oxygen level. The goal is to keep the oxygen level of your blood at 100 points for your entire life.


  • Increase energy, strength, and oxygen levels during exercise.
  • Burn up to 30% more calories & burn more fat!
  • Improve well-being and reduce risk of disease.
  • Train at peak strength levels for accelerated conditioning
  • Anti-aging and immune boosting.
  • Learn what most people don’t know about living longer, slowing the aging process, and staying healthy.


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Oxygen Exercise Cannula - is the only open air delivery system which provides the same comfort as a phone headset and does not dry out nasal passages and is more sanitary for repeated use. Studies prove the Oxygen Exercise Cannula provides greater 02 inhalation into the lungs.



  • 7' long tube with female connector
  • Tether clip to keep tubing connected to shirt, collar, etc.
  • Adjustable boom allows for precise positioning of oxygen flow
  • Soft rubber cushions at contact points for ultimate comfort.


Increased Oxygen Consumption. An added advantage of a high oxygen consumption during a short time is that the length of time required for a cardiovascular workout becomes exponentially shorter with a linear increase of oxygen consumption.


Oxygen consumption is expressed in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute (mlO2/kg/min). With conventional forms of exercise it is nearly impossible for the untrained general public to reach the high levels of oxygen consumption required for a short and effective cardio workout.


With the QuickGym / ROM machine untrained individuals will easily reach the very high levels of oxygen consumption that require only minutes for an effective aerobic workout that yields the same or better cardiovascular benefits than the conventional 20 to 45 minute aerobic workouts practiced by the general public. To understand this, you need to read and understand the following lengthy technical explanation.




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